Welcome to the blog of the Western Australian National Anarchists.


This Blog will serve as the online outlet of the Western Australian National Anarchists. National Anarchism is a revolutionary philosophy breaking down the barriers in “left” and “right” thinking, whilst proposing aspects of decentralisation, Anarchism, ethnic seperatism (Tribalism), self sufficiency, radical environmentalism and the encouragement of native folk-religions.

We are strongly opposed to liberalism, marxism, conservatism, the NWO, capitalism, monotheism and believe in the establishment of small, autonomous, self sufficient folk-communities to counter these forces.



About nationalanarchistwa

WANA is a blog marking the start of the presence of National Anarchism and the New Right Australia in Western Australia. This blog will serve as the online presence of the Western Australian National Anarchists (WANA) collective, a currently small but expanding group of young National Anarchists.
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3 Responses to Welcome to the blog of the Western Australian National Anarchists.

  1. Oh dear… another anti-freedom anarchist. 😦

    How can you be against government and also against voluntary interactions between consenting adults? It’s fine to want small communities… but if some people voluntarily get together in a bigger community — what are you going to do about it?

    For an anarchist, you certainly are against a lot of things. Can I suggest you cut down you list of enemies to just “people who want to violate the idea of voluntary interaction between people”.


    • John, thanks for the comment. What makes you think National-Anarchists oppose freedom? We support small, tribal communities, FOR OURSELVES. What other communities do is up for them to decide, not us. Some National-Anarchists support Eurasianism, some support Federalism (The Idea of Empire by Alan de Benoist), and then some dont. So to answer your question if people decide to form larger communities that is their own affair, i like the idea of Federalism myself and once the downfall of the present System has occured and all its traces disappeared, i would not be opposed to re-building effort, if direct democracy was not threatened, of course. Also John we work with any and all groups willing, hopefully we might see you at a pro-free speech, pro-liberty, pro-freedom event somewhere? National Anarchists want to bring all anti-establishment groups together, to fight a common enemy.

  2. dinomop says:

    Great start so far, I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

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