Why we are National-Anarchists

To many people, on all sides of the political spectrum, the question would be asked when they hear of our new philosophy, “why?”.  Why would you choose to be a National-Anarchist, which is universally hated by the majority of the dogmatic left and right wings? Why would we choose to be ostracised from the mainstream like this? I will attempt to give as good an answer as i am able.

“He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils” – Francis Bacon

For decades, both the left-wing and the right-wing have not developed their world-view. Anarchists are the same as they were 40 years as ago, along with the socialists, communists, nationalists, conservatives, liberals etc. Most people cling to 20th century beliefs and ideologies in the 21st century. To use 20th century beliefs in the 21st seems to be almost stupid, does it not?

“Smash all political dogma’s!” – slogan of the Australian New Right/ National Anarchists

For a small, but growing group of people, it does. Tired of the repeated failures of the reactionary right-wing, a small group of people split with those Nationalist groups and adopted Third Positionism, providing a Third Way alternative to the dual Communist and Capitalist dominated world of the time. However, as the Soviet Union fell, and Communism became relatively obsolete, and Capitalism marched onwards to world hegemony, a more revolutionary approach to the emerging NWO of global government, exploitation of the worlds workers, and submissiveness to the Elite, was needed.

Thus, National-Anarchism was born. With the Orwellian-like State oppression of dissidents, with the farce of so-called “Democracy”, party-politics has been discarded as a pipe-dream. The State and its vast apparatus of bureaucratic leeches (“politicians”) have become the only enemy of all freedom loving peoples the world over. But we do not advocate armed struggle against the State, as it is too powerful, instead we advocate living outside of the System, as far as is legal and we are able, and establishing (eventually) our own communities, according to our own customs and beliefs. (As Troy Southgate would say, “destroying from within, building from without”).

So why are we National-Anarchists? Well, we recognise there is a fundamental sickness in the heart of our current “civilisation”, and that our world-view offers the only real genuine alternative to this sickness. National-Anarchism is the synthesis to the Left-wing and the Right-wing, (and it must be pointed out that those labels only serve to make us conform to the Government labels, and originated centuries ago, so should surely be obsolete in the 21st century), providing the only real true revolutionary alternative to the radical youth of today.

Everyone has an option, either sit back and watch the world march on passed them, or live a life with more meaning, more value (not in the economic sense) by making positive changes in your community, and help preparing your community (which should be considered your extended family) for the inevitable collapse of Western Capitalism. For surely it will one day collapse, and then our people will need leaders to guide them out of the troubles to follow. Are you a leader? If you are – we want you!



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About nationalanarchistwa

WANA is a blog marking the start of the presence of National Anarchism and the New Right Australia in Western Australia. This blog will serve as the online presence of the Western Australian National Anarchists (WANA) collective, a currently small but expanding group of young National Anarchists.
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1 Response to Why we are National-Anarchists

  1. New Right says:

    Nice blog and welcome to the world wide community of tribes. I like your article but I am sure you will get your fair share of ‘hate mail’ from the dogmatic left and dogmatic right. They fear nothing more then people thinking outside the political norm and people who think about the issues and what is important.

    The ones that are too afraid to walk new ways, believe that changing political and social issues starts from the top of government and not from the grassroots and are too afraid of leaving their political safety blankets, called dogmas, behind can do whatever they want to do. No real NA’ler will care as we walk the talk and not the other way around.

    For a better society free of dogmas – all the best in your endeavors.

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