The National Anarchist Movement (N-AM).

WANA are very excited about the emergence of the “National Anarchist Movement”. It seems that in response to the growth of National Anarchism world wide, leading N-A activists have formed the N-AM as a central hub for all National Anarchists. Prior to N-AM, National Anarchism had a very solid philosophical foundation, and now it has a political program. A plan of action. Hopefully this will inspire a whole new generation of young activists, and WANA will certainly hope to do its part in our corner of Australia.

N-AM can be found here:


About nationalanarchistwa

WANA is a blog marking the start of the presence of National Anarchism and the New Right Australia in Western Australia. This blog will serve as the online presence of the Western Australian National Anarchists (WANA) collective, a currently small but expanding group of young National Anarchists.
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