Manifesto now available.

The Manifesto of WANA is now up. We have reposted it here for ease of viewing. It is only in draft form and will be subject to alteration and updating as is needed.

”That which is falling should be pushed” – Friedrich Nietzsche

The Western Australian National Anarchists (WANA) represents a new paradigm of political and social activism in Perth. The WANA as a collective was formed as an expression of the frustration of community members at the conditions we find our city in today. Overpopulation, mass urbanisation, water crisis’s, escapism in the form of alcoholism, drugs and violence and even epidemic levels of teen suicides. Also; multiculturalism that breeds ethnic hostility, not to mention the loss of cultural identity, ethnic pride and sense of belonging in young white Australians. What do all these issues have in common?

The main cause of all of these problems stems from the social decay of Tribes, the foundation our society since the end of the last Ice Age. What are Tribal Communities? They are societies whereby everyone in the community is seen as a large, extended family. Members have roots stretching back generations on the soil, in harmony with nature and the community as a whole, where everyone has a place and a purpose, where there is no crime or social alienation, no homeless living in the streets or elderly dying alone in their homes. In Tribal communities, the elderly are known as “Elders” and are the leaders of the community, and are not seen as a burden and the relics of a dying world as they are today.

In the fast-pace city that Perth is today the recreation of this harmonious community is difficult, if not impossible. All that we can do is seek out like-minded people and form our own tribe to gain a sense of belonging and fraternity. In the decay and the eventual collapse of the present System, it will be these Tribal bonds that become the dominant social bonds of tomorrow.

To this end the Western Australian National Anarchists believe:

THAT the only true rebellion to the present System is one that rejects entirely the ideology of the System. Therefore, the Marxist Left, which adheres to the Systems beliefs in egalitarianism, open borders and mass immigration, is no true resistance to the System and is in fact a product and a satellite of the System.

THAT the Statist and Capitalist Right is also no threat to the System and is just as much a part of the System as the Marxist Left. Therefore, the only true Resistance is a rejection of both ideologies of Left and Right, and the creation of a Revolutionary Third Position. This revolutionary ideology is National Anarchism. Our mission for the 21st century is “the reclaiming of Anarchism from the Universalist Left and Nationalism from the Statist and Capitalist Right”.

THAT the only true resistance to the System is to build “zones” outside of the Systems control and influence.

THAT in order for our people to survive, the present order must perish in it’s entirety. Only in the ruins can we rebuild our communities along Traditional lines.

THAT people must regain control over their destinies. Our autonomy as individuals has been eroded under the constant socialisation of the System which seeks a population that is docile, obedient and hard working (hard working for the government).

THAT in order for people to regain their autonomy, they must have the means by which to defend themselves, thus we believe in the right of individuals to keep weapons of their choosing for their self defence. No longer shall we rely on mercenaries/Government attack dogs (the Police) to defend our communities. States where the people are banned from defending themselves are called Police States, and the only people then that have weapons are the Police and Outlaws. Neither of which care much for the general population.

THAT in the future, primarily due to mass Immigration, the former Nation-State of Australia will become meaningless and irrelevant. In it’s place, Tribalism will become the dominant way of social organisation and we believe this to be a good thing. Australia will fracture along ethnic lines under the weight of the millions of foreigners.

THAT whilst the State will steadily slide into irrelevancy as the populations it attempts to control grow too large, we must still help the process along.

Therefore, we advocate the following actions as part of our agenda:

SELF SUFFICIENCY. We encourage all Australians to rely as little as possible on the System and on others. Grow as much of your own food as possible. This can be done, even in suburbia. Take advantage of the Green Energy rebates, grow some veggies, keep some chooks, and buy from farmers markets and organic produce stores. Resist Genetically Modified foods, non-natural foods, processed and other “foods” that are symbolic of the degenerate society we live in. At the same time as being healthier, you will also be taking power away over your life from the Government and claiming that power for yourself.

POLITICAL ACTIVISM. Lobbying politicians, protests, flyering and leafleting, meetings, community-based volunteering (Fire fighting, paramedics, soup kitchens, etc), entryism, civil disobedience, the maintenance of an online presence. These are all methods and activities that WANA will use to advance our cause.

REVOLUTION. As a revolutionary cadre-based political group we seek a radical re-oritentation of our society on fundamentally different principals than those that are pre-eminent today. We are at present not in a position for direct action against the Establishment and indeed it would be counter-productive in the extreme. We do believe that the State is declining and inevitability so (see The Rise and Decline of the State by Martin Van Crevald). Therefore, we must begin building alternative structures in its place in preparation of filling the void when it disappears.

PARRALEL SOCIETY. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We have a vision of the future. We don’t want to sit around and wait for it. We will build our visionary society; today. As we grow we will establish every aspect of mainstream society in our own image. We will eventually, using the Internet, be our own media for our community. We will build our own community defence groups by patrolling our streets and looking after those that can’t defend themselves. We will build our own “Althings” and “Wisengamots”, in the traditions of our pagan Icelandic and English forefathers. The Althings and Wisengamots were the first democracy’s and parliaments, whereby members of the community came together once a month to vote on various issues. We will establish our own print media in the forms of magazines and eventually books. In effect, as a group, we will become in a sense “self sufficient” and an “Autonomous Zone” within the system.

We seek allies with like-minded groups and anyone that seeks to win independence for individuals in this corrupt system. We seek members, but above all we seek LEADERS. Those men and women capable of leading their community to a brighter future.

Are you one of those people?


About nationalanarchistwa

WANA is a blog marking the start of the presence of National Anarchism and the New Right Australia in Western Australia. This blog will serve as the online presence of the Western Australian National Anarchists (WANA) collective, a currently small but expanding group of young National Anarchists.
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